How To Quit Smoking

Quit smoking naturally should be easy but it is not. If you think about it all a person has to do is not smoke another cigarette and they will be a non smoker: there is no pain involved in the withdrawal process, some physical stress of course as the toxins leave the body but that is it?.this should be easy. So why do some people never stop smoking like woman I knew who died because she could no longer breathe properly yet still smoked to here last day!

Quitting smoking is a bit like losing weight, this should be easy too but it is not for the same reasons and these reasons have nothing to do with willpower at all. The real reason that people continue to smoke and end up suing hypnosis to quit smoking is because they believe that the smoking benefits them. They think that a cigarette relaxes them or gives them 5 minutes off or helps them focus or gives them something to do when they are bored: and a million other reasons that I have heard over the years.

The only reason people smoke is because they have not found a reason good enough to quit?

So here are the 5 benefits to using hypnosis to quit smoking naturally:

1.To uncover the hidden benefit that all smokers have to continue smoking
2.To release the fear of life without cigarettes
3.To remove the reasons that people smoke for ever
4.To encourage the body to release the toxins more quickly
5.To create a positive mindset for a future as a non smoker

Anyone can stop smoking but when you are nervous of a future without cigarettes or see some kind of benefit to smoking you will NEVER quit smoking. Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) will help anyone quit smoking because when used properly, they remove the need to smoke, and once that is removed no money on this planet could convince anyone to smoke another cigarette.

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